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2013-05-04 03:09:53 by BuddyComics

i'm working on a game grumps animation!
(as if there weren't enough of those already)

stay on the lookout!


2013-03-29 00:19:52 by BuddyComics

yo i'm gonna be in anaheim this saturday and sunday!

i'll be cosplaying as finn on saturday and dipper pines on sunday too!
lemme know if you're comin'!


2013-02-04 09:43:25 by BuddyComics

i'm 16 officially. happy birthday to me~


2013-01-16 20:30:59 by BuddyComics

thepivotsxxd and i are makin' toons for you

updated every friday i guess!

back from the dead

2012-10-12 21:11:49 by BuddyComics

i'm moving back in!


2012-06-18 03:56:19 by BuddyComics

Moving somewhere else. Bye!

I don't really use Newgrounds, so go to these other links I guess, where I'm more active!

My Main deviantART
My deviantART for Comics
My Main Website
A Comics Website I Made with My Friend!
My Twitter
My Main Tumblr
My Tumblr for Comics

I'm also on MSN and Skype, but I usually use that stuff for business and whatnot! Toodles!

I like the redesign.

2012-03-04 23:18:43 by BuddyComics

It's neato.

Oh, and I'm about to reach 200 comics of Parker Lot, which none of you have heard of!

Read it here:
on deviantART!
on the official website!
on Flickr!

I like the redesign.

The Buddy and Pivots Show begins...

2011-08-07 03:21:55 by BuddyComics

...now. Here's how you can see it:

You can watch it on Newgrounds...

or watch it on YouTube...

...or maybe even on deviantART!

The Buddy and Pivots Show

2011-07-14 21:48:44 by BuddyComics

Yeah, this guy's making a show with me called "The Buddy and Pivots Show". It's about both of us, and I voice and write in it. Cute!

The Buddy and Pivots Show